ProCom Electric, Inc. cares about the health and welfare of its employees and we will not comprise their safety, nor that of others working near them, for any reason. Therefore, we commit the resources necessary to eliminate potential hazards, prevent accidents and injuries, and implement safe work practices.

Our employees regularly attend safety education classes, are encouraged and rewarded for their safety mindedness, and accept the critical role each must perform to maintain safe work conditions for all.  Enforcement of OSHA regulations compliance, worksite inspections, hazard assessments, safety training, and our continuing effort to enhance the safety program ensure that our employees are armed with up-to-date safety information and life preservation practices. 

We foster a supportive relationship at all levels of the company, management-to-employee and employee-to-employee, which advances the mutually benefits of worksite safety. We’re proud to say that our Safety Program produces consistently low EMR factors each year.