Our background is in motor control logic and processor based control systems.  We typically aspire to the projects which are technical in nature.  We have been building Chuck E. Cheese stores for over twenty-five years. The depth and complexity required for their micro-processor driven animatronics parallels that of many Disney designs. Our contracting over the years has allowed us to work with many other chain restaurants, retail stores, office suites, computer rooms and medical buildings.  

Prior to the Dot Com crash ProCom Electric, Inc. was the house electrical contractor for the World Trade Center in LA as well as many other high-rise locations. Our past experience, while mainly commercial and industrial, took me personally to over twenty foreign countries installing and and interfacing delicate electronics with a wide variety of voltages and applications including a brief tenure behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War days.  In short, if it’s been done, we’ve probably done it.  Solution solving is our key emphasis.  Contracting projects up to half million is our status quo, but treat even the smallest repair with the same reverence.  Our crew varies through the year as projects dictate but typically averages 12 to 24 electricians with larger crews being available with our immediate access to labor hall electricians. 

We hold several licenses B (general), C-10 (electrical) and C-16 (fire protection) contractor.   While our core concentration is still electrical work and Fire Alarm system installation our company will perform “Turn-Key” projects is required.  We have contracted for structural steel upgrades, framing modifications, slab sawing concrete floors, demolition, excavation, compaction, concrete pour-back, steel stud framing, drywall, painting, suspended ceiling modifications, fire sprinkler modifications and much more.

In today’s economy all of that doesn’t amount to much - most clients are looking for the bottom dollar. While we will never try to under-cut a low bid, we will offer to you a fair and introspective proposal for any projects.